Saturday, February 14, 2015

Balloon-Powered Internet and Kite-Powered Wind Energy from Google in India

Google is all set to launch its Project Loon in India, soon. There are reports that Google is in talks with the Indian Government to start its Balloon-Powered Internet and Kite-Powered Wind Energy Projects in India.

Google's Project Loon which was started about two years back provides affordable internet to people living in remote areas where there is not connectivity, making us of high-altitude balloons.

Since, India is giving emphasis on renewal energy Google also hopes to bring its Kite-Powered Wind Energy to India. An aeroplane-like kite tethered up to 300 metres which manoeuvres by the direction of the wind. The movement of the kite generates power.

Google may start the production by 2016.

This is a real great news.

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