Thursday, January 22, 2015

Why should you Start Your Blog ?

During the course of my life I have been inclined towards many things and hobbies like playing Cricket, Badminton, Football and playing music on Guitar that my father had gifted me. But, computers have always fascinated me a lot, and finally it's Blogging that makes me even more happier.

It was in the year 2002 that I first started my free website without realizing how much it could change my whole thinking about my usage of Internet for expression of feelings and thoughts. Initially all my blogs were targeted towards making money. But gradually the scene has changed. Now blogging has become a passion for me. I love to write about things I feel would be of benefit to others. I have found this very versatile medium of expression.

What are the Impacts of Blogging on Life 

It makes you a better writer :
Writing is a way of communication. Just like speaking. It also helps you communicate your thoughts to others. You become a better writer the more you practice. Thus, blogging will enhance your writing skills without you even aware of it. It's an automatic effect. Hence this improved writing skill of yours helps you in socializing.

Improves your thoughts :
Since writing involves putting your thoughts across the paper, it makes you think deeper while you write your blog post as well. You will surely start diving deep into more whats happening around you and across the world.

Start leading a more intentional life :
After taking up to blogging you would start thinking more about writing on your life intentionally as is also evident from the start of this post of mine. You start to think who you are, who you are becoming, whether you like what you see or not.

Choosing meaningful things :
Once you start blogging many thought run through your mind. You can not post every event that's happening around you. Hence it's a must that you make the right choice of event to mention in your blog. Blogging doesn't end in a day. As it's an ongoing process, you would learn to focus more on important things as you proceed in your journey of blogging.

Adopting healthier habits :
You will definitely feel that blogging requires time, devotion, discipline and commitment. Since I love writing about health on I myself try to lead a disciplined life by doing a  bit of Yoga and Pranayam in the mornings and going to a long walk in the evenings. Blogging helps you develop new life habits for your betterment.

Chance to meet new people :
Since the blogging community is encouraging and friendly it creates a chance for you to meet new set of people everyday via comments, emails and social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. This online community of yours is highly helpful. I even meet new people in the evenings for collecting free advertisements for another blog of mine

You can make some money :
If you wish you can even make money from your blogging skills, but this could be a distraction to your main motto of blogging. It is left upto you to decide.

A source for inspiration for others :
You can very well become a huge source of inspiration for others. Thus, I can very well state that your blogging doesn't only change your life but it also impacts other people's lives as well. As you write selflessly for others to read your thoughts for free it is obvious that you inspire their heart and soul. In the time to come they become your followers.

Blogging is free
Yes, blogging on sites like and is absolutely free for you and hence another big reason for you to start blogging and create your impact in this world.

Hope you liked my post.

Keep reading as your reading inspires me to write more...

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