Sunday, January 25, 2015

How to use your SmartPhone in a smart way ?

Are you really Smarter than your SmartPhone ?

Earlier when the phones were modular, things were a bit slow. Phones were only used for spoken communication. Not much of other activities were conducted through those phones. But, SmartPhone technology has changed the whole scenario. We have switched to MultiTasking levels. But, a straight question that arises in my mind is How well do we use our SmartPhone? Is your Office on SmartPhone  actually and truly effective ?

Let's begin to explore things to learn from your SmartPhone ...

Be sure to have a Strong Signal :
Have you ever experienced a problem updating your Facebook status through your SmartPhone while you are in your office? Were you not able to send an important email? Or Did you fail to connect on WhatsApp when it was most required? This all could be due to weak signals.

The answer to it is always choose the right signal path. Don't just run to try and find a window to catch up with the signal. Growing and maintaining good connection is always a smart idea.

Start a thoughtful Communication :
Don't just waste your time in discussion without any point. Make the best out of your on air time. Always get engaged in a smart communication. 

Be precise. Be short. Your discussions should be bulleted mentally. Conversations should be intentional. Much purposeful. 

Avoid Power Drain :

Using Wi-Fi and GPS is extremely helpful in our day to day transactions. But these two contribute the most in consuming the battery of your SmartPhone. Likewise, never be dull. Always try to maintain your high spirits.

A positive attitude helps you always maintain a good cordial atmosphere around you and this leads to better relations with your colleagues, friends and relatives. Be charged and stay energized.

Always be updated :
You always keep your SmartPhone updated. That's important so as to use it more effectively. Likewise, if you wish to be in demand then a simple trick to follow is always stay updated.

Avoid obsolescence. Update yourself as needed with continuing education in your field and with a select news feed to keep current on latest trends and developments

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