Saturday, January 3, 2015

How to start your Blog on ! is one of the platforms that allows you to start your own blog. Today we would discuss on how to start your own blog on Blogger.

Below is a step by step guide for you to start this journey of becoming a successful blogger.

Step #1
You are required to create your account on by Signing In.

Step #2Click on New Blog which you wish to create.

Step #3
Add the Title of your Blog, Address of your blog and finally choose a suitable Template for you blog.

Step #4Now that you have setup your blog on Blogger, you are ready to make your first Post on your blog.
Choose Start Posting and go ahead to reach the world.

Step #5Below is the snap shot of Posting screen wherein you are required to provide a Title to your post and below is the space available for you to type your post.
Here you can Save your post or even Preview it.

Step #6As a final step you must click the Publish button to publish your current Post so that it becomes visible on the Internet.

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