Saturday, January 3, 2015

How to make money from your Blog ?

I have come across many websites and blogs that have made an attempt to provide information on "How to make money from your Blog ?" If you wish to make money from the internet, then, you can very well consider blogging as one of the options available to you. I am sharing my views here so that a person like you could benefit out of it.

You can start your free blog by registering on or But before doing so, it is a must that you make up your mind as to on which topic you wish to focus your writing. You need to maintain a homogeneity in your writing. Try and maintain a simple style of writing. You can prepare some of the pages in Word Editor first and latter on you can paste them in your blog as your new posts.

You should not make haste in starting to earn from your blog. It is advisable that you try and improve quality of your writing by being a regular writer. This way you should be able to develop your writing skills and also your blog posts would be more appealing to its readers.That is lay more stress on building a good content. This is very important because search engines like believe in "Content is King".

Next important step is driving quality traffic to your blog. This again requires patience and pursuance. You should firstly submit your blog for crawling to search engines like through its webmaster tools and through its add url feature. This is important so that search engines crawl your blog's content and make it available to searchers on the internet. You will be required to promote your blog well on social networks like and You can also focus on building links to your blog.

Once you see a good traffic flowing to your blog set up your Publishers account with Infolinks and you will find Ads been displayed on your blog and money flowing to your account once people visit your blog. This is one of the many ways by which you can monetize your blog.

I would continue to throw more light on this topic so continue reading.

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