Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Funds for StartUps and Entrepreneurs !

If you are a StartUp and looking to raise fund for your Project, then, well this could be the solution to your requirements of funds. The platform is called

This platform provides a unique way of raising funds especially for StartUps and upcoming Entrepreneurs who have a project in their mind and scarcity of fund the start the project or even a running project. It guides them to a successful fund raising campaign by utilizing the power of Social Networking and Social Media. 

The entrepreneur who has an innovative idea of a StartUp is required to place his Project idea on the website and has to offer certain Rewards to his Supporters who wish to fund his Project. Thus, the StartUp can even Pre-Sale its product through this platform.

Thus, this platform avails a golden opportunity to all those who have an innovative idea related to any field, let it be arts, technology, dance, fashion, films, food etc. The list could be endless.  Creating a project is absolutely free on this platform.

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